Monday 20 January 2014

The Sea - Get Up. Stand Up. Die

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So is it dark and stereotypically "rock n' roll" to have a skull on the cover of your new single (and possibly a bit cliched)? Or are The Sea trying to rid themselves from such dated and overused imagery by ordaining this skull with colour and flowers? What a conundrum! The Sea are two London-based brothers who are originally from Newquay, which is perhaps what inspired their band name. Being a guitar/vocals and drums duo would normally draw instant comparisons to The White Stripes and The Black Keys, two bands we weren't going to mention, but as their own press release uses those comparisons then we might as well. The Sea, at least on this track, are punkier, more energetic and more frenetic. Really, you'd never guess that just two people could make a noise so large with such a small amount of equipment.

If you've been streaming 'Get Up. Stand Up. Die.' whilst reading this review, chances are it will have stopped by now. There's definite technical proficiency here and more energy that a Duracell bunny snorting a whole pack of Red Bull. They even manage to fit in a fairly lengthy drum intro and the vocals don't come in until there's just one minute of the song left. It doesn't take long for the message to be conveyed, and to be quite honest, if the song continued any longer we'd be a bit worried about the drummer's arms falling off. Either that or his drums giving up the ghost and wishing they only had someone gentler like, say, Keith Moon to contend with. As quick as a flash it's gone. And you're left wondering what in the name of God has just happened to you.

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Feb 05 The Hope, Brighton, United Kingdom
Feb 06 Water Rats, London, United Kingdom
Feb 28 Fibbers, York, United Kingdom
Mar 01 Carpe Diem, Leeds, United Kingdom  
Mar 02 New Cross Inn, London, United Kingdom
Apr 05 The Finsbury , London, United Kingdom
Apr 12 TBC, Hull, United Kingdom  
Apr 17 The Horn, St. Albans, United Kingdom
Apr 18 Borderline, London, United Kingdom
Apr 19 Forty Two Festival, Worthing, United Kingdom  
Apr 25 Puzzle Hall, Halifax, United Kingdom
Apr 26 Lomax, Liverpool, United Kingdom  
May 02 New Inn, Par, United Kingdom  
May 04 Stortford Festival, Bishop’s Stortford, United Kingdom  
May 15 Doc Brown's, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
May 16 Carnaby's, Weston Super Mare, United Kingdom  
May 23 Epic Studios, Norwich, United Kingdom  
May 24 Leestock Festival, Suffolk, United Kingdom  
May 30 Engine Rooms, Wigan, United Kingdom  
Jun 06 Lounge 41, Cumbria, United Kingdom  
Jun 07 Southsea Live, Sheffield, United Kingdom  
Jun 13 Sound Music Venue, Cheltenham, United Kingdom  
Jun 14 Basement 73, Swindon, United Kingdom
Jun 28 Life Of Riley, Marlow, United Kingdom
Jul 03 Pivo Pivo, Glasgow, United Kingdom  
Jul 05 Carpe Diem, Leeds, United Kingdom

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