Tuesday 28 January 2014

PREMIERE: Cassels - Our Faces On A Screen

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

Since their debut single 'Seasick' at the end of last year, it looks like Cassels have taken something of an about turn. The guys' first effort was slightly grungy, melodic and mildly understated, only really erupting for the scorching chorus that sounded like a guitar having a fight with a chainsaw. New single 'Our Faces On A Screen' could have come from a totally different band (or in this case, a duo who consist of brothers Loz and Jim Beck), as they do away with the bobbing melody and '90s fuzz-rock in favour of something a touch harsher. This time around the chainsaws don't stand a chance; the guitars would totally maul them. Again there are a couple of softer moments, but by soft we mean like concrete compared to the granite of the rest of the song.

As soon as they hit that chorus the walls around you begin to crumble as they bark "we all bleed the same", just at the moment when your ears actually start to bleed, but this is likely down to me being determined to listen to this song at full volume through headphones and no real health warning should be issued. This is a visceral and riotous blast of noise though, and one that may surprise fans of the previous track. Also, it begs the question of what Cassels are really about. Do they have a style? Or will they just drift wherever the music takes them? It could be an intriguing journey. Oh, and with a title like 'Our Faces On A Screen' the accompanying video should pretty much sort itself out, right? Maybe with a director adding some kind of twist at the end? In the world of Cassels it's seeming more and more as though we should expect the unexpected, so we congratulate them on the year's best video so far, and one that might not be beaten. If you've watched that film of Noel Gallagher slagging-off all the old Oasis videos (fan or not, it's piss funny), then you'll probably find the timing of this absolutely perfect.

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