Tuesday 21 January 2014

Last Lynx - Lacuna

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

OK so we have yet another video featuring animated characters that we're meant to feel sorry for. Didn't that whole concept reach breaking point sometime last year? Well, we can forgive them for that, because it is quite endearing and the non-animated scenery is quite nice. Plus it's the song that's what we tend to focus on, and my personal knowledge of film is better than second to none - it's actually none. So I'll stick to what I know best, and what I know of Sweden's Last Lynx is that when they're on form they're truly something special. Last summer's 'Ocean Reels' EP contained some great work with a decent amount of variation, although there was the odd moment where it didn't quite reach the heights it had set for itself.

New single 'Lacuna' does something that's fast becoming an art. This song is as pedestrian as they come. Plodding along like a person with nowhere to go slowly pacing the streets as if to pass time, yet it sounds quite wonderful with it. The vocals sound like a dual harmony (or perhaps just double-tracked) and are a big asset to the band. Even though the verses trudge along at a steady pace, they're given a sprinkling of glitter that makes them sparkle. This pace doesn't change for the chorus, although it sounds very much like it does, suddenly blossoming into some wonderful indie/pop with a great hook, mildly buzzing guitars and even more twinkles and chimes. I suppose you could say that starting with such a repetitive and unremarkable beat and then turning it into musical gold is a form of alchemy. So there we have it then: Last Lynx must be musical magicians.

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