Sunday 19 January 2014

Exit Calm - Promise

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It's something of a surprise that Yorkshire band Exit Calm aren't absolutely massive. Currently their style of expansive, epic indie-rock isn't particularly in vogue, but when they began several years ago there was a more buoyant market for this kind of thing, and their early singles and EPs should have given them a foothold that means current releases should still be a noted event by the music world. Instead, their album 'The Future Isn't What It Used To Be' was met with some very enthusiastic reviews by the guitar music press, but generally bypassed everyone who wasn't an existing fan. The timing might have been wrong (through no fault of their own), but the music was everything we could have hoped for.

New single 'Promise' shows the kind of sounds they've been making for over half a decade. It's big, bold, ambitious and properly anthemic. The guitars ring with the sounds of post-rock and shoegaze, the broken beats hark back to baggy, there's a psychedelic squall in the middle, and the vocals sit proudly and confidently in between this avalanche of sound. Had Exit Calm arrived a decade earlier then they'd be a hallowed band by now, instead this single is likely to pass by without much fuss, and that's a crying shame. They're simply more competent, determined and that bit more mighty than most indie-type groups out there. I guess we should hope that they keep on the pretty awesome path they're on and eventually this kind of grand sound will come back into fashion, and when it does, you can bet that a generation of new bands will be citing Exit Calm as a key influence.

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MONDAY 27 Water Rats, London
TUESDAY 28 The Duchess, York
WEDNESDAY 29 Sound Control, Manchester
THURSDAY 30 Broadcast, Glasgow
FRIDAY 31 The Polish Club (Barnsley Rock and Blues Venue), Barnsley
SATURDAY 1 Bodega Social Club, Nottingham

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