Sunday 26 January 2014

GroundBoy - Echoes

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Our work has very kindly been done for us on this one, as French artist Groundboy has summed it up by informing the world that he makes "peaceful music for dreamcatchers". So we could just sit here twiddling our thumbs and enjoying the tune really. After all, you all just skip to the song and ignore the repetitive, bog-standard musings we write about the music anyway, don't you? Well, it's difficult to change the habit of a lifetime, so here are a few facts and something in the way of a review for anyone who wishes to take notice of our opinion. It's not uncommon for French bands to become well known in the UK, they are after all, our closest neighbours (unless you count The Republic Of Ireland which we share a boarder with, although the two countries have generally had, musically at least, a close relationship). Much of this has been in the form of electronica and electro-pop giants like Daft Punk or Justice, and Groundboy isn't a million miles away from that.

What we've noticed, is that there appears to be a big shoegaze revival happening in the north of the country, but Groundboy is from Monpellier in the south. Ask several people to name a French band and the chances are that the name Air will crop up eventually, and 'Echoes' has perhaps more in common with that band than anyone else we've spoken of. This is very chilled electro-pop that incorporates the kind of acoustics employed by excellent Swedes Junip. So combine the two and you have yourself a fairly accurate notion of what this track is all about. There will be a debut EP soon, with this being a little something to whet your appetite. Currently it's pissing down outside, it's Sunday morning, a lot of people probably don't feel like doing much, and those with sore heads won't want anything too abrasive. So at this current time and in these current circumstances, 'Echoes' is just the tonic.

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