Wednesday 29 January 2014

COLOUR OF BONE - The Superstitious Twist

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If or when COLOUR OF BONE release an album, then beforehand the bookies should start taking bets on what it'll sound like. We've said it before and we'll say it again: everything they do seems barely recognisable from the track that preceded it, yet whatever they turn their hands to always turns out sounding great. It's for this reason that they were one of the first names on our sound of 2014 list. Take something as beautiful and gentle as the acoustic-led 'Keep It That Way' and then the thumping alt-rock exploration of 'Ashtrays For Earrings'; it's difficult not to back-reference continually as they throw us surprise after surprise. Their first single of 2014? You won't need telling that this is different yet again...

You could say that the heavy ending to 'Ashtrays For Earrings' perhaps pointed in a punchier direction, but nothing's that simple in the world of COLOUR OF BONE. 'The Superstitious Twist' isn't a heavy rock track, but it does contain more bile, more vigour and more urgency than what they've given us in the past. There's a constant battle going on between electronics and scuzzed-up guitar, all backed by drums that sound like gunfire. They've shown us their gentle side in the past, they've shown us they have no fear of experimenting or of letting the music lead the way instead of finding a niche for themselves. On this track they're showing us that when it comes to producing electro-rock that's built for keeping the neighbours awake at night, they can do that as well as anyone.

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