Monday 13 January 2014

Eliza And The Bear - It Gets Cold

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If there's one complaint we could make about Eliza And The Bear, a band who featured in our tips list last January, it's that they haven't released enough records yet. So surely this is a good sign: if we didn't care then it would mean we didn't think they're much cop. Well, they are much cop, and after the two tracks we featured last January they released the single 'Friends' in the summer, and that helped prove our faith in them was right. Despite being what would commonly be described as an indie-type band, Eliza And The Bear always take things a little further and you get the impression that they won't put anything out there until they're determined they've made it sound as amazing as possible, and this might be the reason for the less than prolific release schedule.

Alternatively, they could have been writing and recording their debut album, playing high profile gigs with Imagine Dragon and (of all people) Paramore, plus getting their live plan for this year sorted. SXSW is confirmed and plenty more. So getting a new single is a definite plus point, especially when it's as good as 'It Gets Cold'. This is lively, it's fun, it's like a cross between Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend, and it moves from being a decent song all the way through to an epic ending, complete with crashing drums, brass and plenty of "oh ooh whoas" and more besides. It's done tastefully, as though it's designed to be big but avoiding the egotistical trappings of arena bands; there's still a wide-eyed excitement about the group, and there should be, because if they keep going like this they'll be big news before too long.

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Catch them live:

Jan 23 E-Werk Erlangen, Germany  
Jan 24 Ponyhof Club Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Jan 25 Rock Im Saal Rees, Germany
Jan 26 Theater Der Wohngemeinschaf, Cologne, Germany
Feb 23 The Haunt, Brighton, United Kingdom
Feb 24 The Bullingdon Arms, Oxford, United Kingdom
Feb 26 St Stephen's Church, London, United Kingdom
Feb 27 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Mar 01 Leaf, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Mar 02 Ruby Lounge, Manchester, United Kingdom
Mar 03 The Cluny, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Mar 04 The Electric Circus, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Mar 05 King Tuts, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Mar 07 Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, United Kingdom

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