Sunday 26 January 2014

We Are The Storm - The Rapture

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When reviewing the recent second album by Swedish band We Are The Storm, we used the line "surging acts of grandeur" and suggested that they maybe had a few ideas in common with the likes of Arcade Fire. 'Wastelands' was certainly an ambitious project and it was one that worked well. New single 'The Rapture' was originally written for that record, but it was decided that it didn't quite fit the flow of the album and so was held back. It's good news that it wasn't discarded, because you'd have to say it's worthy of being released in some capacity. According to what the band say about their past and their future plans, then now is the perfect moment, as they move on from 'Wastelands' and look to where they'll venture next. To use their exact words: "'The Rapture' echoes We are the Storm’s previous efforts, but it also shows the shape of things to come."

It clearly does echo some of their past tracks, and that slight Arcade Fire flavour can still be found, as can the grandeur we spoke of, although it is toned-down just a little here. As for future directions? Well, that's a bit harder to gauge. Perhaps they'll head down a more electronic route (although by no means electronica) as this song, unless I'm mistaken, does contain synths where strings may have fitted, but it seems unlikely that they'll be departing the alt-rock world, maybe just approaching it from a different angle. 'The Rapture' is bold and confident; it's not the best song they have in their arsenal but it's still done to a very high standard. So if they can build on the solid foundations that two albums have now given them, they could be commanding a bigger audience for album number three.

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