Friday 31 January 2014

K H U S H I - Phantoms

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K H U S H I has a lot of gaps in his name; the ONLY plausible reason for this is that he is trendsetting in the field of fan/musician interactivity possibilities, and thus has set himself up as a round from the popular tea-time quiz show Pointless - you know the one where they take away some of the letters and say, for example, "name this Simpsons character" by filling in the blanks. Well guess what reader, I'm really good at these so just give me a second and I’ll have the answer...

*eight hours later* Nope, I've got nothing...UNLESS...*checks dictionary* nope still nothing. This game isn't as fun as I'd thought it would be K H U S H I!!!

While he may be terrible at setting gettable quiz questions, the London songsmith is certainly proving adept at turning the heads of those who trade on their taste and, spaces or no spaces, creating a name for himself in the music circles of the web. Catching the attention of the blogosphere October past with the release of a single, 'Magpie', and its companion track, the quasi Beach House recalling, 'Never Never', K H U S H I impressed enough tuned-in ears to be named as ones to watch in the UK Blog Sound Of 2014 list. Intent on capitalising (I see what you've done there, very good! - Ed) on that endorsement he now returns with a brand new tune, 'Phantoms', the lead-track from an EP of the same name that will be available in early March and a release which, based on this taster, could be the catalyst for a coming together with the playlists of mainstream radio. Starting in smooth and unobtrusive jazz fashion thanks to a light tinkle of piano and a twin-tracked vocal harmony, Phantoms shows off its wider appeal potential via an ascending chorus melody and hefty drumbeat, that culminate in a rousing pre-finale. Anthemic enough to attract the casual listener but retaining a level of depth that should appease more discerning parties, K H U S H I can relax safe in the knowledge that this is unlikely to be a release that many could see fit to deem pointless.

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