Friday 10 January 2014

Cherry Glazerr - White's Not My Color This Evening

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This coming week sees the release of Cherry Glazerr's debut album, just a month or so after their first proper single. The LA-based band haven't wasted much time in getting things together - for starters, they haven't even been together a year yet, but their music has captured the imagination of enough people for them to have reached this point already. We'll have to wait and see what the rest of the album sounds like, but new single 'White's Not My Color This Evening' sounds (and not only because of the title) like it would have been perfect for a Halloween release. Even the video, which starts off fairly mundanely, ends with the heroine of the piece gorging on cake before kicking the crap out of a skater who notices she has some on her face and laughs at her.

As for the song, well that's got something of the night about it too. It's very much influenced by grunge, punk and riot grrrl, with plenty of guitars that fizz and hiss their way through, and vocals that sometimes sing beautifully tunefully and then turn coarser and more psychotic. It's probably best sampled at a high volume, especially for the creepy sound effects that adorn various segments. The spooky laugh is a particular highlight. This description may have you thinking of The Cramps, and perhaps that influence is part of the make up of this song as well. It's definitely carrying the torch for the dark and depraved alt-rock bands out there into a new generation.

CHERRY GLAZERR "White's Not My Color This Evening" from Jamie Heinrich on Vimeo.

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Catch them live:

01/24/14 @ Constellation Room (Observatory) w/ together PANGEA - Santa Ana, CA
02/14/14 @ The Smell w/Santoros - Los Angeles, CA
03/22/14 @ The Observatory (Burgerama Festival #3) - Santa Ana, CA

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