Wednesday 15 January 2014

Band To Check Out: Eleanor

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I've been listening to Eleanor for several years now. There were always two Eleanors, now there are three. They are from Queens, they have a new four-song EP called 'Land in a Rosebush'. For what it is worth, they receive my highest recommendation. Eleanor is a slightly strange sounding band; the vocals are unusual in a way that is difficult to describe, the guitar work is always amazing and different. Most people just can't play the guitar like Brendan Morris. It's a cliché but the guy really does paint with the guitar. You could compare Eleanor to Crazy Horse or Husker Du… basically good, weird rock songs with crazy guitar leads.

The song parts are generally intricate, they don't just verse chorus verse, they write bridges and stuff - very professional. 'Last Night at the Jetty' is a cover by Panda Bear. It is also my favourite song on the EP. I have never heard the original. It’s the catchiest song, so wisely it's first. It really is a brilliantly produced and arranged track. Production wise, this batch of songs is the best so far from them. Eleanor has put out a bunch of stuff over the last five or so years. My favourite is still their 2010 full-length 'Someone Else'. That was right around the time I first saw them, and there is a rawness and desperation to some of those songs like 'Echo Chamber', and just the outstanding songwriting which I thought was super original and haunting. Eleanor is a special band. Check out their new EP.

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