Wednesday 29 January 2014

Gypsy Charms - Stupid Melodies

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When Illinois-based singer-songwriter Tommy Komorowski (formerly known as Dexter Poindexter) wrote the line "it's freezing and the frost's still fresh", he was probably unaware that it would actually be dangerous to leave his house by the time the song was released due to record low temperatures sweeping the state and warnings of skin actually freezing because of the severity. Perhaps we should blame him for the extra-cold snap then, as this EP by his new alias Gypsy Charms was released earlier in the month just as the mercury began to fall (or possibly even freeze itself). Those lyrics are from 'Bottles', the opening track from the 'Stupid Melodies' EP, a project which he describes as "based more on rock 'n roll type licks and melodies".

The "melodies" part is particularly apt, as these four songs are very much based on that aspect, taking the classic indiepop sound and throwing in more sounds from the past. The doo-wop influenced 'Take It Easy' could be a reinterpretation of an old song with a more modern guitar-style sound. It does introduce those aforementioned rock 'n roll licks too, and feels very summery after all that talk of winter. If you really want to know what he means by that phrase, the a skip to 'Dirtnap' will tell you everything you need to know, taking in rock 'n roll piano, bluesy guitar riffs and classic American rock sounds. It never takes itself too seriously, although that's not to say it's novelty in any way, more an exercise in exploring the music that built the sounds that surround us today. Country elements creep their way into final song 'Tempted', but those melodies are always there, making this a short but sweet trip through some of the touchstones of popular music's past.

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