Saturday 11 January 2014

The Henry Millers - Children

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If you're going to make indie/pop/rock style music at the moment, then it had better be good and have something distinctive about it. Despite flagging singles sales, the number of bands hasn't seen a downturn whatsoever. Luckily The Henry Millers know that, but not only do they know it, they naturally have their own take on things anyway. After the best part of four years of being a band in New York you're bound to have heard plenty of like-minded groups and seen plenty of them come and go. Whether this quartet will have the endurance to survive another four years can depend on many things, and they're not all connected to music. When it does come to the music though, they've got something pretty special going on, so we hope we don't lose them for a while yet.

Single 'Children' is taken from the band's forthcoming new album 'Posies', and it avoids many of the traps of the scene from which it came. Half of NYC is adding synths and other electronic to their songs, so much so that they become indistinguishable, and many of the rest are trying as hard as they can to make it sound as though their tunes were recorded onto wax cylinder with the band trapped in an underground lake at the back of a cave, and then played back though broken speakers. There's no lo-fi shenanigans here; 'Children' is pure and clean indiepop with plenty of melody and some lovely harmonies (it's the vocals in particular that make The Henry Millers stick out) and it's recorded to sound like luscious guitar-pop that brightens up your day, not makes you want to try and syringe your own ears to hear the vocals properly. A glittery delight and no mistake.

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