Monday 27 January 2014

Band To Check Out: Native Roses

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Merging the authenticity of classic rock, pop and folk, Native Roses are a London-based four-piece who hail from The New Forest, England, and consist of James Knaggs, Jacob W.N Stevens, Moses Bogarde and Jessica Illsley. Formed in 2010 by the founding members of Modern Fighting Vehicles (whose original line up included solo artist Birdy before she was nabbed by Atlantic Records), Native Roses released their first beautiful four-track EP, 'The Colours' on Creek Records back in 2012. This year will see the release of their wonderful nine-track debut album, also on Creek Records, and produced by multi-platinum songwriter and Dire Straits bass player John Illsley as well as Guy Fletcher of Roxy music.

Moses says: "We've been working at this since we were 15. We've toured, made records, made money. We've been f***ked by greedy promoters, unhinged producers and flakey major labels. We've played shows to thousands of people and empty rooms in the same week. We've played through bar fights, in torrential rain and recently underwater… We've never had a break but we've stayed together because our fans keep buying our music, keep coming to our shows and keep showing their support in every way they can. They make it possible for us to keep making the music we want to make. We love every one of them!"

With this in mind, and the help and financial support of their friends and fans via Kickstarter, Native Roses were able to create a quirky, artistic music video to accompany their magnificent, broody track 'Mainline'. The guys are back again with a new crowd-funding project to raise money for finishing a video for their awesome track 'Shadows'. Where some bands/artists greedily abuse these kinds of fundraising projects, Native Roses have tirelessly worked their little socks off to provide an array of give-to-get merchandise and opportunities that you can't put a price on. Like what you hear? Support the artist, pledge to their cause, be a part of something big.

Native Roses' website

Native Roses' Kickstarter Campaign

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