Thursday 16 January 2014

Frida Selander - Possible You

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The title of this track is not only fitting but it also tells you a lot about Swedish artist Frida Selander who has built up a decent following over the past decade and will be releasing a new album later this year, with this song being the first single. As Frida explains, she may be 32 now, but she feels 14, as that was the age that a band called Nirvana changed her life. When she was 14 she felt 26 because she could relate to the music and lyrics of Kurt Cobain. So it may all sound a little muddled, but it's an oddity that serves her well, and she admits to asking her younger self questions to which she often finds much better answers. Life can be so much more straightforward when looked at through untarnished eyes.

So 'Possible You' is a track that talks of this journey, of her youth, of hearing 'All Apologies' for the first time, her parents' reaction to dying her hair purple and also her dream of becoming a cowboy thanks to watching Clint Eastwood films. The subject matter is wonderfully unique and biographical: "if you really really want it, it's possible". Frida wanted to make alt-rock music, and now she does. 'Possible You' isn't a grunge retread, it's lighter, more intricate and less raw. There are strings in the arrangement and a powerful melody that leads into a great pop chorus, so she may have her influences, but her determination to walk her own path wins the day and gives us a fabulous indie/pop tune at the same time.

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Catch her live:

31/01/14 Frida Selander in Umeå at Västerbottens museum
08/02/14 Frida Selander in Umeå at Studion
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