Friday 24 January 2014

Borrowed Beams Of Light - On The Wings Of A Bug

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Borrowed Beams of Light is a Virginian 6-piece indie/psych/pop band. Their sophomore LP 'On The Wings of A Bug' is filled with glittering noisy pop tunes with a light folkish layer, as well as other key influences such as Lindsey Buckingham, Destroyer & Robyn Hitchcock. There is no evidence of lurking shadows in this collection; these songs are made to be physically and mentally addictive. You will find yourself listening to these songs over and over again as you dance and sing. 'Songbird Bouquet' opens up the album with shining, beautiful instrumentation; it fits as opening credits to a movie. It's as listening to a sunrise in the form of a song. 'Four Good Eyes' could be the perfect song for a night drive. If you close your eyes you can feel the cool air and the heat from the gleaming of street lights. The riff gently echoes in reverb as the vocal slithers in melody. There are burst of stormy guitars but it stays in place.  

The song segue-ways to the track 'On The Wings of A Bug' which is the album's first single and for good reason. It's made for radio. It begins with a dark glow of synth but it's stopped by a catchy, driven guitar riff and vocal melody. It will stick in your head (the song is currently endlessly repeating in my head as I am writing this). The instrumentation recalls a brief moment in '90s rock history where it will gleam in pop. 'Kruger Park' serves as an intermission between the previous track and 'Dumbstruck' and it resembles a weird fragmented daydream. It's short and vocal dominated whereas 'Dumbstruck' is an upbeat psychedelic rock song. It's held together by a hard-hitting drum beat and shades of vocals and distortion. The music comes out as a whirlwind of poppy noise. There's a tribal shouting and bass breakdown; this is where the bassist shows his true talent.

Borrowed Beams of Ligh' has taken lesson from older and modern alt-rock records and recreated those sounds with their own colours. The chanting 'Dog Won't Bite' is filled with backing vocal chants and a chaotic rhythmic nature. It almost shares the characteristics of Modest Mouse songs. 'Drawing Blanks' has a sound that relates to Foster The People, especially the whistling and dancing guitar riffs. It's another standout of the album, fun and catchy. It's like eating a sugary treat with a shot of liquor, your ears will smile as you listen to this. You can also hear Lindsey Buckingham influences all over the album. This is shared with current contributions of contemporary influences such as 'Carry It All' which shares an instrumental that sounds like the band Fun.

'Belly of A Ghost' ends the album with a quiet shimmering tune. It's emotional and flows in nicely. The synths give the song an atmospheric haze and the guitar plays beneath in peace. The bassline is placed right above all this and the vocals are harmonious and laminated. This album is covered with catchy hooks and memorable songs. It's a joyous and harmonious listen; a vibrating euphoria of pop that revisits a basket of influences. This band should gain fame over these tracks. They're well-crafted and built for playlists everywhere. I highly recommend this frothing assortment of songs that is simply sweet and jubilant. Borrowed Beams of Light have truly created lights that will glow onto many years to come. Enjoy.

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