Monday 13 January 2014

Them The Sky - Start Again

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If you're making music, or simply a fan, then Brighton really is the place to be at the moment. We've lost count of how many new discoveries the city's given us in recent years, but we can now add Them The Sky to that list. One of the best parts about the Brighton scene is that, although there is a scene in the sense that bands know each other and work together, there's not a particular sound or genre that marks it out like, say, trip-hop did for Bristol, or indiepop being forever destined to be associated with Glasgow. Them The Sky actually cover more than one style on their new single 'Start Again' which is taken from their second EP 'Echolalia' which they recorded and produced themselves.

Home-made records like this can often have you expecting lo-fi sounds or garage-punk, but that simply isn't the case any more. Better recording equipment has been available to smaller bands for years now, so it only takes a clear idea of your sound and someone with the brains to make it happen to succeed. This quintet clearly have that, as 'Start Again' feels smooth and well recorded, but not overcooked in any way. The quietly escalating intro of ambient guitars may have you thinking of post-rock, but then the vocals kick in, sounding like they're hiding behind frosted glass, and the drums up the pace, yet they're pushed back in the mix to prevent them overpowering this delicate track. I guess atmospheric indiepop might be an easy way to simplify the sound, but it does have an experimental side to it as well. 'Start Again' is a song to lie back to and soak up.

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