Thursday 9 January 2014

Cheerleader - New Daze

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With so much of the guitar world wanting to party like it's 1991, it's perhaps no shock that a song called 'New Daze' would fit into one of the categories from around that time; in this instance it's the convergence of the jangle-pop that emerged in the 1980s with the first wave of shoegaze that took hold around that time. Philadelphia's Cheerleader seem happy to immerse themselves wholeheartedly into this time, right down to the Ciaran Wood directed video which could easily be a period piece. Being shot in a DIY manner and containing fields of flowers and clouds in the sky as witnessed on a road-trip, the images overlap and intertwine, all adding the the haziness of the song.

There's no navel (or shoe) gazing going on though, despite that genre being a clear inspiration. 'New Daze' is pure guitar-pop that's bubbling with life and joy. Guitars are allowed to both jangle and buzz, handclaps are employed as though they have a surplus that needs using up. The vocals sing brightly of optimism and the instrumental breaks (complete with some nice "ba ba bas") are also filled with youthful exuberance and the sound like a young life untarnished by the perils of the real world. 'New Gaze' is pure escapism and pure sunkissed delight. An album full of these and we'll have the soundtrack to the summer that currently sees like its a long way off. Definitely one for the repeat button.

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