Tuesday 14 January 2014

Pastel Colours - Hands Like Silk

Single review by soul1@thesoundofconfusion.com

Over the years, the music scene in Cornwall has been pretty poor (and I'm speaking as someone from that area and who has lived in its capital, Truro), in fact you rarely heard of any band having success outside of its very insular punk and metal scenes. Well, apart from the bloody awful Rootjoose, and all they really managed was to get themselves on The Chart Show. There have been glimmers in recent years, the odd good band breaking away from the trappings of being in a noisy group who can't play guitars very well, but then the most successful acts the county has given us have been awful Jack Johnson wannabes. Thanks. So I'm letting out a big south-west cheer for Pastel Colours.

'Hands Like Silk' is a classic sounding psych track and is the band's debut single. There's a heavy influence of bands like The Byrds, early Pink Floyd and a number of cuts from 'Nuggets' compilations. They also cite Soft Machine as an influence, and really this is the recipe for the song; components of each can be heard here. From the strange effects at the beginning to the jangle of the guitar and drums that could be lifted from a classic surf 45, the Falmouth-based mob have taken an idea and run with it. They've done so successfully and 'Hands Like Silk' is a great listen despite sounding a little like spare parts from previous psych innovators, which is kind of the idea. If songs had smells then this would be like joss sticks wafting out of the speakers. As someone from that area of the country, it's great to finally hear some decent music being made down here.

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