Thursday 9 January 2014

Libel - Tomorrow's Children

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The first single that Brooklyn's Libel released from their album 'Music From Car Commercials' was 'This Is Love', a song that's unlikely to be used for any car commercials. New single 'Tomorrow's Children' will probably suffer the same fate, however, advertising companies are becoming more adventurous, so you never know. Now I know you've probably become sick to death of animated videos, but it's worth pointing out that this one is a little different. There's no big surprise or new form of animation to wow you with but at least it doesn't involve either cute characters or characters we're supposed to feel sorry for. Hopefully we've seen the last of that particular craze for now. Instead we get some colour and images that are both watchable and fit the song as well, so that's a definite bonus.

As for the single, well that too is nothing especially new, but like the accompanying visuals it does have its own style to a point, and it's definitely one that can be placed in the good tune category. You'd perhaps refer to this as indiepop, although we're told that Libel are also inspired by grunge and that's something that can be heard in the guitars and more robust nature of the delivery all round. Strip all of that away so we're down to the bare bones of the song and what's left is a pop song which changes from loud to quiet, fast to slow, and always gives us plenty of actual substance in the shape of its melodies and structure. So Libel haven't broken new ground (not that they were probably intending to), but they have given us a fine single, and one that should see their stock rise a little bit more.

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