Monday 20 January 2014

New Desert Blues - Christoph

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Having the word "desert" in your name and plastering a very well-captured photograph of what could be a cowboy lassoing a horse on the front cover, almost inevitably starts your brain painting a picture of the music that's likely to follow. New Desert Blues are an English band, and new EP 'Devil's Rope' (which only conjures up more wild west imagery) continues their trend of using human names for each of their songs, something we found when we reviewed their single 'Adam' last year. It's 'Christoph' from the new EP that we're focusing on here, and this song that they've made another very good video to.

You could pass off New Desert Blues as being an American band; their sound owes a debt to the American rock scene, and the cry of "hey!" behind the chorus is quite cinematic, as is the way that they take what should be a mid-paced alt-rock track and convert it into something far more stately so that you don't notice the pedestrian pace. It's simply not about that: 'Christoph' is about atmosphere and creating the perfect tone. There can be no doubt that they've done what they set out to do and this is a track that gets more impressive each time. Ironically, the closest comparison to new Desert Blues may be fellow Brits Embers who also make majestically huge and emotive music. There will surely be plenty of praise to be heaped upon this band yet.

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WED 22 JAN St Pancras Old Church, London, UK
SAT 25  JAN XFM X-Posure All Dayer 2014, London, UK
TUE 11 MAR SXSW 2014, Austin, TX, US
TUE 11 MAR SXSW 2014, Austin, TX, US
WED 26 MAR Harmonie, Bonn, Germany

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