Thursday 30 January 2014

Sheepy - These Clothes

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And so it has come to pass... Luke Jones began recording as Sheepy some time ago before being spotted performing live by London label Blang who wasted no time in getting some of the prolific writer's material to a wider audience, (last we heard he'd self-recorded 13 albums, that's probably increased by now) and left enough of an impression on us that we included him in our tips for 2012 list. A few stellar singles passed, and now we're being treated to the first proper album by Sheepy, now expanded to a three-piece band. The videos we've seen so far have been entertaining, and the visuals for new single 'These Clothes' are no different, being a stop-motion caper in which our caped crusader terrorises hipsters around the town by using his super power of being able to remove all their clothes, to much embarrassment to all. The "To be continued..." at the end leaves you guessing what will happen next.

As for the song? Well every other single so far has been splendid, and this is no different. One of the punkier tracks in their vast musical arsenal, 'These Clothes' is like a series of electric shocks being fired into your ears, only pausing for the odd moment of suspense and them zapping you again. The guitars sound as though they're being played with razors, they're that sharp. One thing that's characterised Sheepy's music so far is pop hooks, and despite this being a blink-and-you'll-miss-it whirlwind that will leave you feeling disorientated and possibly a bit violated, there's a pop song buried underneath it all. This track provides further evidence that even with countless songs written, Sheepy are not a repetitive band; they're full of ideas, and each single showcases a different angle. The only problem is working out how and when to get so much material out to the public, but we can likely expect much more in the future.

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07.02.14  SANTIAGO'S, Leeds
12.03.14  THE FULFORD ARMS, York
14.03.14  KELLY'S, Galway, Ireland
15.03.14  SIN É, Dublin, Ireland
16.03.14  CAVANAGHS, Tuam, Ireland

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