Sunday 12 January 2014

Windmill - Birdman

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Not to be confused with Matthew Dillon's band Windmill, this group are to all intents and purposes new when it comes to releasing music, although the project was first set up a few years ago by Mick Dolan who has since joined and left Lumin Bells, a band we've heard a few songs by and have tipped to deliver some quality material in the coming year or so. If we'd heard Windmill a little earlier than now and if we knew what other material they had in store, then they too could easily have secured themselves a spot in our Sound Of 2014 list. Windmill take a similarly rich and intriguing, folky, harmonious path but are always looking forward, not delving into trad-folk in any way in particular. In fact you'd be just as accurate describing this as dreampop.

New single 'Birdman' is an eerie number, and that's in part down to its pace and the booming executioner's drum that stays for the duration. Preventing things from becoming too dark are the excellent vocals of Dawn Williams whose inch-perfect tones are the perfect foil to the music and add a further layer of intrigue to the song. It's undoubtedly an atmospheric piece and would lend itself wonderfully to a film score - and may yet do so depending on who hears it - but if the thought of ambient music turns you off then fear not. They may muster up plenty of emotion and transport your mind to another place for a while, but at the bottom of it all is an incredibly good song that you won't find challenging or off-putting in any way; 'Birdman' will keep you engaged throughout.

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'Birdman' will be released in the first week of March through Jack To Phono

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