Sunday 12 January 2014

The Red Suns - Moonlit Skies

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Well this is all very nicely done. The Red Suns are a trio from The Wirral who released their album 'Thrown Off The Back Of Nowhere' back in November. They deserve bonus marks for giving fans value by deciding to release an alternate version of album cut 'Moonlit Skies' as a single instead of making them splash out on something they already owned, and there's no better way to describe it than classic songwriting. This, naturally, means that the cutting edge is several miles away from where The Red Suns are currently standing, but given the dull bands who have been releasing a horribly clean, watered-down version of "indie" music over recent years, this is something of a breath of fresh air.

You know instantly that there's going to be a little grandeur about this track; the strings at the beginning give the game away on that one, and you also know that we're not looking at shambolic DIY guitar-pop. The sound here is clean and just a little glossy, but this is merely buffing the song to make it shine a bit more. The Red Suns are not trying to polish a turd or trick us into thinking there's something great at the heart of all the clarity and precision engineering of the song; there's an actual great tune at the middle of the song instead. Having turned my back on radio-friendly "indie" type music a long time ago thanks to Razorlight, Keane and other such atrocities, it's actually rather satisfying knowing that there are bands out there attempting reclaim this ground in such a decent fashion.

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