Thursday 30 January 2014

Eternal Death - Head

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Scandinavia. It's not known for it's hip-hop or EDM. When you think of the music of the Nordic countries you think of three things: indiepop/shoegaze and other guitar-pop genres; classic electro-pop that encompass everyone from ABBA to A-ha to Niki & The Dove; and black metal. That's a bleak and dark looking cover to this single by Eternal Death. I wonder if that or the band name might indicate where we are with this début single by this Swedish band who's Facebook tag-line is "Life's about dying."? Why, it's only some delightfully sunny synth-pop, the big teases! Yep, it was all pointing to more hard-rock there, but it's all just a trick.

What 'Head' is, is pop music how we wish it was made more often. Chart pop in the UK doesn't often sound like this, but it should. This isn't new, it's all been done before; all the elements can be found in bands like Saint Etienne, Lykki Li and many others. There's the slight hint of dreampop about the way the vocals are treated, but really this is a song that's as at home on the dancefloor as it is on the radio - not to mention in your record collection. Credible pop is, and has always been, available to those who wish to find it. So leave you inhibitions at the door and dive on in.

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