Friday 12 July 2013

When In France... Sonic Fiesta

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This playlist brings you into the sonic spin of music that is being produced in none other than France. A country with a flair in so many spheres, the new wave of bands (there are so many great ones) coming out of France these days works up your appetite for more, and our neighbours south of the channel do know something or other about satisfying your appetite, don’t they? Now here's a little sonic fiesta for your sampling…. ~ WayOutWest

Seahorse Hunter – Disappear

Seahorse Hunter's website

The David – And After, She Died

The David's website

l'objet – Herbie

l’objet's website

The Great Artiste – Blonde Greta

The Great Artiste's website

Dead Horse One – Alone "Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines”

Dead Horse One's website

Christophe Bailleau and Julien Demoulin - "Outshining Memories" You Won't Be The Last

Julien De Moulin's website

Christophe Bailleau's website

Soft Crayon - Pianoloop

Soft Crayon'
s website

Silencio – Taking Time

Silencio's website

Heligoland – Eighteen Months

Heligoland's website

Sealight – Dead Letters

Sealight's website

Orval Carlos Sibelius – Good Remake

Orval Carlos Sibelius' website

– Long Distance Runner

Reveille's website

Drone Project – Go Down

Drone Project's website

Sound Sweet Sound – Overdone

Sound Sweet Sound's website

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