Sunday 28 July 2013

The Rebel Light - Jukebox Dream

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Yeah, you've guessed it. 'Jukebox Dream' is about as summery as Brian Wilson sat on a Malibu beach, sipping a tequila sunrise in a deckchair as well endowed babes saunter by in bikinis while a Bob Marley compilation album plays in the background. The Los Angeles group have every right to be making music like this, and this track is a fine follow-up to their self-titled EP from earlier this year. The Rebel Light pride themselves on being DIY, and this was recorded at home ("instruments in the living room, vocals in the kitchen").

So they've blown away the idea that a studio is required unless you're aiming for a lo-fi sound. They really couldn't have done much with this song to make it sound better. Tinkling percussion and breezily strummed guitar are joined by brass and an optimistic vocal that sings of love coming true. The backing vocals are done to perfection too, just loud enough in the mix to be effective without taking over. There's a vintage, timeless feel to 'Jukebox Dream' and the simplicity of the verses works really well against the more innovative structure they use for some sections of the song. It might not strike you instantly, but by third listen you'll be heading back for more.

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