Wednesday 24 July 2013

Au Palais - Thrones

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Bands can peak at different points in their career. Sometimes it can be a debut album or single (The Strokes still haven't bettered their debut), and sometimes it can be several years before they really hit upon something (see bands like Pulp of The Flaming Lips), but most often this peak can occur after a couple of years when a band have found their footing and songs flow freely and everything just seems to click. It may just be a coincidence that it's two years ago that Toronto duo Au Palais got together, but new single 'Thrones' sounds like they're comfortably in their stride.

This is almost faultless electro-pop that doesn't rely on watching those around it, therefore giving Au Palais a sound of their own. The steady, pulsing build up starts to feel a little on the epic side of things within the first minute, and that's before they hit the chorus which is majestic and understated all at once. Pitched somewhere between the dying embers of chillwave and the soaring heights of dreampop, the track then reaches even further with the guitar coming to the fore for an extra kick. If this is a band at the top of their game, let's hope it's a plateau rather than a peak.

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