Saturday 20 July 2013

The Outs - Right Or Wrong

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Drenched in a classic 'Nuggets' era psych sound with some classic Britpop strokes, that The Outs hail from Brazil is a little surprising, but when the song is as great as 'Right or Wrong' is,  then its geographic origin is purely academic. Whatever these guys have been consuming has lead them to deliver a potent, freewheeling song that has touches of the marvelous The Soundtrack of Our Lives, and a delicious Lee Mavers-esque vocal.

'Right or Wrong' lands fully-formed with a enriching sound. Flourishes of classic sounding keys, combined with some tripped-out guitar, all give the song a sweet, timeless feel. It could of heralded anywhere from the '60s San Francisco or sat alongside Alex Turner's The Last shadow Puppets. A great introduction to what could be a great band.

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