Friday 26 July 2013

Billy Doze - Love Rats

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Billy Doze is a singer-songwriter from London, something which is generally a simplified way of a musician saying "Hi, I want to be the next Ben Howard/Ed Sheeran/some other boring twat". Things are a bit different in this instance though. Billy Doze, if the two songs on his debut single are anything to go by, prefers to craft a full-band sound that's closer to classic guitar-pop and indie. It's music that's steeped in tradition and nowhere can you hear the sound of any rule books being ripped up, in fact they're more likely to have been carefully studied, but that's not to say that the resulting music isn't any good, it is.

There are many great bands out there who don't break with this tried and tested structure, and with a little refining Billy Doze could be one of them. This debut single doesn't really do anything wrong and both songs are well made and make for a good listen. 'Love Rats' makes good use of a changing pace and slips in a nice chorus; it's obvious that thought has gone into the music here. B-side 'English Rain' shouldn't really be considered secondary, as it's just as good as the lead-track, again taking classic sounding guitar music and applying it to a good song. He's not a world-beater just yet, but Billy Doze is on the right path.

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