Thursday 25 July 2013

Talk In Colour - Rushes EP

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It was last summer that Talk In Colour properly announced their arrival with debut album 'ColliderScope'. The London group's mission was to create futuristic pop music, and importantly, pop music that was both credible and accessible. A year on and they're back with new EP 'Rushes'. Here they continue that vision, constructing tunes that embrace electronics (like much current commercial music) but also conventional songwriting. The notion of pushing things forward is something that's close to their heart, so while you could describe any of the trio of songs here as electro-pop, they're not looking backwards for inspiration like many of their contemporaries.

This approach is evident from first track 'Rolling'. The song is rock solid with a powerful beat and a modern, strangely cosmopolitan feel. The vocals anchor the song to a pop base, meaning that you don't need to be a fan who only explores the cutting edge of sound to appreciate it. It's the same pop music we know and love, but it's fresh and carefully considered. In keeping with this familiar yet forward thinking approach, 'Candles' is another intricate track that twinkles into being and then introduces the same robust backbone we heard on 'Rolling', but this time it's a firm bassline that provides this, and by the end the song has become something that's quietly majestic. On final track 'The Cell', Talk In Colour mix the organic with the electronic, incorporating guitar and possibly a harp. This gives the song a lightness of touch that balances nicely against their sometimes weighty production. If this is to be the future of pop then we'll happily take it.

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