Monday 29 July 2013

New Manic Spree - Ghosts

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If you're a fan of grubby people in blindfolds, dark woodland and garish beings with incredibly ugly and deformed toes then go and seek help. Before you do that you should have a gander at this quite bizarre new video from New Manic Spree. Keeping up our (unintentional) record of featuring at least a couple of bands from Melbourne on the site each week, this Aussie quartet are purveyors of ambitions indie-rock that doesn't come with the usually offensive stadium-rock bravado that can destroy bands of a similar ilk. These guys have big tunes but they know how to use them.

'Ghosts' masterfully uses the steady-build technique, well, for the first 30 seconds of so, and then we get some strings joining in, a thumping beat, more guitars and vocal chords being put to the test. This slightly orchestral feel hangs around for the rest of the song as more layers of vocal are applied and we hit proper grandeur. New Manic Spree don't lose sight of the song underneath al of this though, and a nicely controlled guitar solo adds an extra dimension without smothering things. Potential to become quite big? Yeah, these guys definitely have it.

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