Sunday 28 July 2013

The Hotelles - Show You Around EP

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Since their debut single last November, south Londoners The Hotelles have kept a steady trickle of tunes coming our way including 'Ignore Me' and 'Movie Reel', and now they've presented us with this forthcoming three-track EP. It's safe to say the quality is showing no signs of dipping, and although they cite the biggest indie/guitar type bands of the past decade or so as influences (The Libertines, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Cribs) they seem to be steadily growing their own identity too. As expected it's the title-track that kicks off the EP, and it's a snappy, feedback-ridden piece of punky indie that makes a quite splendid racket; it's been produced perfectly.

This spiky and crisp sound is also found on 'These Glasses Could Be Rose Tinted' which sees the band explore their songwriting a little more and it's all the better for it. An elastic bassline adds a fluidity and the changing tempos show they have more than just the one trick. Best of all is 'Shoegazer' which isn't a shoegaze track (despite some nice guitar distortion) and comes sandwiched in the middle. It harks back a little further than the bands mentioned above, back to the days before Britpop turned sour. You can hear traces of early Elastica and Supergrass about the gritty powerpop it has to offer. The Hotelles are a band who are coming along very nicely indeed.

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Aug 09 Cross-Fest Festival, New Cross, London, UK

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