Friday 26 July 2013

White Birches - The End Of The Line

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Having recently covered Silencio Stampa's excellent 'Kalejdoskop' album, it was noted that one track on the record featured vocals courtesy of fellow Swede Jenny Gabrielsson Mare, however it turns out that their musical relationship stretches beyond the odd guest spot, and Fredrik Jonasson and Gabrielsson Mare have now joined forces on a new project, White Birches. The pair first met in 2011 when Jenny performed at Fredrik's club in Jönköping, and following the success of the joint effort on his album they planned to do more.

The first public results of this arrive with the track 'The End Of The Line'. Taking a very modern approach to indie/alt-pop, this is a track that has great subtlety and is more intricate than you may at first realise. The use of what sound like retro synths and piano may not be new, but the overall sound is. Listened to as an instrumental this song has a dreamy and cosmic feel to it, as though journeying through space and time, but the addition of those wonderful vocals adds a whole different dimension and the melody is especially good. May this collaboration last longer than just a few songs.

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