Thursday 25 July 2013

Crosscut Saw - Shake 'em On Down EP

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Many people use music to escape into, often they will put on the headphones and immerse themselves in some tripped-out, blissed-out sonic journey to shut out the world. But it doesn't have to be a self-indulgent 10-minute odyssey to be able to loose yourself in the sheer pleasure and forget your world. Crosscut Saw let you abandon yourself by giving us a clutch of raw, electric blues stomp tracks that shut out the world with their irresistible howl. 'Snake Drive' kicks it all off with riot of primal swamp blues, fired along with some fearsome harmonica. It's short, sharp a blast of a song that hits you and gets you grooving. Title-track 'Shake 'em On Down' has a fuller sound, propelled on a wicked slide, and some raw throated "heys". It is steeped in the classic Chicago blues of Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, but is no mere pastiche and its sheer class stands it alongside contemporaries such as Seasick Steve and Jon Spencer.

Next the groove gets looser, dirtier, sweatier with 'Done Changed My Way Of Living'. Its backbone is a primal earthy lick, which is pure soul blues. And with all classic songs, it tells of "women" of all types and shapes and "momma, who's hair is going grey". And so to the EP's closer and surely any Crosscut Saw show finale ,'First Time I Met The Blues’. It does exactly what it says on the tin. This is bourbon-soaked, sultry, 4am music, to slow dance with your girl too, or indulge in another drink because you’re going home alone tonight. With this EP Crosscut Saw have given us a hit of classic blues delivered with sheer class and panache.

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Fri, Aug 2, The Hop, The Dark Arches, Granary Wharfe, Dark Neville Street
Fri, Aug 16, The Hop 19 Bank Street
Fri, Aug 23, The Hop Unit 14 West One Plaza Fitzwilliam Street
Sat, Aug 31, Penmaenau farm, Builth Wells Powys

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