Tuesday 30 July 2013

sæs - Passed Out (It's Night Time)/Alcanzam

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

No, we can't tell you how to pronounce sæs or what it means, but maybe the band can elaborate in the comments section. In fact the only information we have is that they're a duo from Orlando, Florida and that these are their first two songs. The rest of the details will no doubt appear in time. The music that sæs make is a particularly gentle form of dreampop, but not one that strays into ambient soundscapes. They pin both songs down with a beat and beautiful vocals so that their music remains very much in the "song" category.

The first of the pair is 'Passed Out (It's Night Time)' which gently introduces itself with a wandering guitar line and some percussion, before dual vocals are added to create what appears to be a love song. "I will not run away from you again, as long as I'm home by ten". It's a simple and very pretty song that inhabits its own world, just allowing us to peek through the keyhole at the magic beyond. It's much the same vibe on 'Alcanzam' but here they let electronic beats weave their way through the honeyed vocals and paint a fragile and stunning picture that feels so delicate you dare not even breathe on it. I think we've just discovered a class act.

sæs' website

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