Tuesday 23 July 2013

Fallow Deer - Nostalgia

Demo review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Two things that come as no surprise at all: another band with the word "deer" in their name, and another band from Brighton. Fallow Deer call the UK's current musical engine room home and have sent over this demo of new track 'Nostalgia'. It's a song that doesn't really feel at home in the current musical climate of the UK, even for a guitar band. This fact should be something to celebrate though; most forms of "alternative" music are past the point of saturation and many have fallen into little more than pastiche.

'Nostalgia' doesn't offer anything new, in fact it feels rather like a trip back in time, probably back as far as thirty years or more. Perhaps the song will be cleaned up when the official version is released, but this rough gem works fine as it is, taking very British sounding garage-punk and clattering through the song with willful abandon, knowing full well that passion, enthusiasm and good tunes will always triumph over shiny production, overly proficient musicianship and each note being inch perfect. Let's hope they don't tidy things up too much.

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