Saturday 27 July 2013

Five For Free #202

Hunter Jones - Pizza Shop

Rather than the solo artist you might expect, Hunter Jones are a Texan band who specialise in instrumental tracks that take influence from surf, shoegaze, indiepop and lo-fi; so many things we love basically. Therefore it doesn't come as much of a surprise that the reverby 'Pizza Shop' from their demo EP ticks all the right boxes round these parts.

Hunter Jones' website

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SALES - Renee

Making rather lovely and slightly fragile sounding guitar-pop are Florida duo SALES. We don't have an overwhelming amount of information to share with you about the pair, but we do know that free track 'Renee' is their first single, and we're hoping it'll be the first of many. With minimal production and instrumentation this still sounds great, proving that it's a top song.

SALES' website

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East Of Ely - Easy Friend

Also bringing us their debut single, and the first of three to be released this year, are East Of Ely. The difference with these guys is that there's no stripped-back approach; they're aiming for windswept indie-rock and throwing everything they've got at it. It's worked too, because despite the grandeur, they've shunned over-production and come up with a naturally big song.

East Of Ely's website

Ancient Babes - Malcolm X In The Middle

Vancouver resident Sam King has spent a decade in bands that have dabbled in shoegaze and other forms of rock music. Now going it alone under the name of Ancient Babes, he's offering up this free track which takes a more electronic approach, but one that seems steeped in electronic sounds of the past. It's atmospheric and slightly spooky, and it's also very good.

Ancient Babes' website

Andrew St James - Cassidy

Andrew St James is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from San Francisco's Twin Peaks and latest track 'Cassidy' is to be taken from his forthcoming debut album 'Doldrums'. It's always refreshing to hear guitar-based singer-songwriters that have their own style and also have good songs, and with so many out there who don't fit that description, we should be even more thankful for people like Andrew St James.

Andrew St James' website

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