Monday 22 July 2013

Lost Tapes - EP

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If you've been a fan of any form of music that's ever been described as "indie", be it jangly guitar-pop, shoegaze, alt-rock, dreampop, psychedelia or anything in a similar vein, then there's a very good chance that Spanish band Lost Tapes will become a big favourite with you, if they're not already that is. This free four-track EP showcases a wide range of influences that encompasses all of the above. Beginning with 'War In The Netherlands' they instantly hit on the melodic side of C86 and will cast your mind back to 7" singles released by Sarah Records, Postcard Records and early Creation. It's joyfully sweet and summery, but it's not the story of the whole EP.

It may be in the same ballpark, but 'By You' offers a different musical fix from the past, taking in shoegaze and recalling bands like Chapterhouse and Slowdive. The droning guitars are left to sizzle away in the background while the breathy vocals have that much celebrated dreamlike quality. Then they throw in a fuzz-rock guitar solo to keep the Jesus & Mary Chain fans happy. It's sterling work. 'Come With Me' chimes into life and hits a wall of Spacemen 3 organ and drone-rock vocals. It's clearly inspired by that band's 'Playing With Fire' phase and even has a hint of their druggy gospel to it. It's left to the glistening hybrid of psych, shoegaze and dreampop of 'Raincoat' to finish what is a highly likable record from a very fine band.

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