Sunday 28 July 2013

Death Ohh Eff - All My Crimes

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Death Ohh Eff aren't the first band to quit a more rural location to head for a big city and try to fulfill their dreams, and they sure as heck won't be the last. In this case the journey took them from Warwickshire to London, but they arrived with a mission statement. Whether they truly believe they can is unlikely, but the plan is "obliterating the NewsCorp media empire one obtuse 4 minute pop song at a time". It's a commendable goal but we don't fancy their chances, and the only thing that seems likely to obliterate that particular empire is itself, something they're doing a very good job of at the moment.

'All My Crimes' is the first track we've heard by this quartet and it's not particularly obtuse or particularly pop, it is though, pretty damn good. If you like your guitars to sound like they're being twisted and contorted into new shapes and are also fond of the simmering hum of electricity that comes with such a technique then this should be right up your (Fleet) street. With plenty of changes along the way and a conscious effort being made to try and do something that doesn't follow the rule book, Death Ohh Eff have their first slightly unconventional 4 minute alt-rock song. We wish them luck in their quest.

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