Monday 22 July 2013

Vodsel - Control/Bloodlines

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Continuing their fine run of singles are Manchester synth-pop duo Vodsel who this month have served up a double A-side of '80s inspired pop tunes. It's interesting to pick apart the influences that can be heard on 'Control'. There's a hint of Joy Division about the bass and perhaps even the overall mood, but as a whole it's closer to the electronic groups of the time, with the vocals having a poppy side that compares to bands like The Human League. However, this is juxtaposed with grittier music with an industrial feel, perhaps nearer in mood to some of the darker Depeche Mode songs.

Things turn even more industrial on 'Bloodlines', which begins with a rock-solid beat and vibrating synth sound. You could say this is almost new-wave, although it retains a European electronic style and the coarse sounds even compare to Bowie's electronic phase. With an almost rock dynamic, this is a bit of a departure but it's a very good one, and it shows that although Vodsel keep on churning out the tunes at a commendable rate, it's not at the expense of quality.

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