Monday 29 July 2013

Ides - Prisms

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With a sound she describes as "sadcore punk", Alanna McArdle crafts incredibly pretty songs as Ides, as well as now being a member of Joanna Gruesome who will shortly be releasing their debut album. It looks as though she's not going to have much time on her hands, as the album is dropping Stateside too, so a possible future trip across the pond isn't out of the question. There's no sign that she'll be giving Ides a rest just yet though, with this new single and live dates planned for August. However, just to on the safe side we'd suggest catching her then in case this project gets mothballed for a few months later in the year.

It's a little challenging to find the punk aspect to 'Prisms', but sadcore is a definite match. This song basks in a strange kind of beauty, perhaps similar to those comparison favourites Mazzy Star. The same desolate, twanging guitar fills out the backing while McArdle's amazingly rich and warm voice provides everything else this song needs. She could sing a capella and still be a force to be reckoned with. Because of the nature of this song, it feels a bit like she's only at half power, as for a tender number like this that's all that's needed. The range and force are there to be seen though, and you can imagine that if Ides were to belt a song out at full power the results would knock your socks off.

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