Monday 22 July 2013

Band To Check Out: Ming City R*ckers

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Hailing from the exotic climes of Immingham (it's near Grimsby apparently) are Ming City R*ckers, a band who are driven by the power of raw rock 'n' roll music. So much so that it's probably punk that flows through their veins instead of blood. They pull no punches and they attack everything using every ounce of energy they can muster. The noise they make is crude, visceral, acerbic and about as ferocious as you can get without being the spawn of Satan. They take blues, they take garage, they take rock 'n' roll and they take punk, and then they smash through the lot, probably giving themselves whiplash.

If you want comparisons then maybe The Jim Jones Revue come close, although these guys take the sound to an even more blistering level. If you fed Chuck Berry every form of amphetamine that's ever been created all at once, then it may result is songs like the potty-mouthed single 'Chic And The Motherfuckers' which is out this week and will probably make you want to smash your head against a wall. In a good way of course. For more of what these guys concoct then check out freebie 'She's A Wrong 'Un', a song that's a bit like forcing AC/DC through a punk-rock filter and then pummelling the living heck out of them. Not for the faint hearted.

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