Saturday 20 July 2013

A Doubtful Sound - Make Loud Sexy

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A Doubtful Sound fire off their debut EP 'Make Loud Sexy' with a huge, barnstorming, monster grooved song in the shape of the suitably titled 'Monster'. It is a behemoth of a song that has its roots in the modern rock bastions of Soundgarden and QOTSA. Singer Hamish Woodside has a great voice which rips in the right places but has a deft melodic edge. 'Monster' is a sterling call to arms. After the gigantour sized 'Monster' we are given the equally visceral and pounding 'Dead or Famous'. This has an even deeper hook than 'Monster'. Along with some serious Josh Homme inflection, 'Dead or Famous' brings to mind 'Powertrip' era Monster Magnet. Regardless of any influence, 'Dead or Famous' is a standout modern rock song that you allow to melt your face off. After that blasting opening salvo, 'Ten Tonnes' would have to try hard to stand up, but it does with some style. It's a furious ride that is a simply a hit of those huge riffs with a pile-driving backbeat. It switches nicely into some pure old-school chugging riffage, before finding a glam edge to take out the song.

And A Doubtful Sound keep them coming. The quality of these songs belies the freshness of this band. 'My Everything' is like the bastard child of Cornell, Homme and Iommi. It ends up pummeling you into an utterly delirious, joyful pulp, with its sheer intensity. 'Never Seen the Light' is the weakest on offering on 'Make Loud Sexy'. It's by no means a bad song, and it still puts most rock songs into the shade, but in such startlingly strong company it is a little lackluster. The production is a little flat, the gang chant of "just won’t give it up", is flat where it should be a shot of colour. Then the EP climaxes in true old-school style. The production quibbles of 'Never Seen the Light' are banished here, all vocals shine, giving a dynamic a little reminiscent of The Wildhearts at their punchiest. 'More I know' is another beast of a song. With 'Make Loud Sexy', A Doubtful Sound have set out a fierce and pounding mandate, which you hope will only grow stronger and louder.

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Friday, July 26, Exchange,Bristol, UK
Saturday, July 27, RYANS BAR, London, UK
Saturday, August 3, The Louisiana, Bristol, UK
Saturday, August 24, Frog and Fiddle Cheltenham, UK

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