Tuesday 23 July 2013

PREMIERE: Big French - Would Not Try

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

After impressing us with recent single 'Payback', a 90 second epic, something which should really be an oxymoron, Big French today unveil more interesting, smart and slightly insane alternative pop/rock/prog/experimental indie-type tunes which, as indicated by that description, tend to defy easy classification. The band's debut album 'Downtown Runnin'' is now available via Wharf Cat Records and the next single from the record is 'Would Not Try', a song that, again, is a whole load of different things all at once.

Big French don't follow the rule book, and the only comparison that fits this track and 'Payback' is that they're both tunes that Frank Zappa would probably have approved of. Dissecting 'Would Not Try' a little, we find a mildly discordant opening with lots of guitar wandering around like a stray dog in the background. This soon moves to the fore and the fretboard is given a good workout as the high-pitched vocals combat it, fighting for space. Tempos constantly change and the song evolves many times, all in just over two-minutes. Rarely has such a seeming mess sounded so utterly wonderful.

Buy the single from www.osr-tapes.com which includes another album track and two unreleased demos!

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