Saturday 20 July 2013

Duk - Early Worm Gets The Bird

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Do you remember those moments in films such as 'Dusk to Dawn' or 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', when a scene (of usually some ultra slow-mo, ultra violence) has an awesome yet slightly bizarre, rip-roaring, seemingly Balkan folk music soundtrack? Then you hunt through the end credits, or today Shazam it, in the hope you stumble on to some lost wonder, but you can never find who it is? Then you can stop that hunting, as Duk are that band. They may not be the actual band, but now you need to look no further for your hit of strange yet wondrous, bizarre yet enticing, genre defying music. With 'Early Bird Gets The Worm', Duk give us six tracks that they self-style as "gypsy jazz punk". This has a certain eastern European feel that rightly fits the gypsy tag, and there are clearly some sweet jazz touches. As for punk, well it's punk in that the music and Duk clearly don’t give a fuck for convention.

Normally I break down with quite a concise track-by-track review, but to break apart 'Early…' would take away from the bewitching beauty that this holds. It's like a night at the most wonderful carnival. Opener 'Bilbo' gives us thrills and highs. We are charmed and seduced, taken into a parlour shrouded with velvet drapes, and a suggestion of the exotic and erotic with 'Waltz Of The Invalids'. 'Tom And Jerry' gives us a mad dash, where the night starts to spin out of control slightly, and that strange drink you were given by the Mad Hatter is taking hold. 'Stepsons' has dashes and flashes of Zappa riding The Bronx, and 'Belle' ends our night of carny with its lysergic haze. There are no vocals on any of 'Early…', they are not needed. Duk have allowed their passion, panache and mastery of their craft to talk for them. In doing so have given us a quite wonderful, entrancing, exhilarating trip.

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