Sunday 21 July 2013

Foam Lake - Too Late

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Canadian band Foam Lake came into being after the "dissolution" of the group 'The Blood Lines', and Paul Ross decided to create a new outlet for his music, naming this new band after the place his parents were from. They've already released their debut album 'Force And Matter' at the end of 2012 and are working on the follow-up. The band's debut single and video is 'Too Late', a song that takes a reasonably conventional band set-up and song format but ordains it with modern production and skilled writing to make something a little above the norm.

This is a big song without every becoming blustery or overblown, in fact it could be considered a distant cousin to bands like Doves. It's rock but there's an alternative slant to what they do which gives them the edge over more traditional bands. Some nice chiming guitar and a full sound go some way to ensuring this single will get them noticed, so long as people hear it of course. And this could be the only stumbling block for Foam Lake; there are an awful lot of bands out there, so sometimes you just need that lucky break. If they haven't quite had that yet, then there's every chance that the follow-up may see them go that bit further.

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