Thursday 25 July 2013

Bombers - Forecast

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Previous tracks by Birmingham's Bombers have been jittery post-punk tunes that recall the likes of Wire, Gang Of Four and even early Bloc Party, like 'Drawing' for example. New single 'Forecast', which is out on Monday as a double A-side with another new song, 'The Way You Think You Look', begins with the line "I'm on the move all the time", and whether by design or by accident it's the perfect intro, as Bombers aren't a band who are keen to stay in one place too long; they want to evolve their music, try out new sounds and keep their tunes fresh.

So while 'Forecast' may have a similar post-punk sound to their past work, it is a step forward and a slight change of direction. Not enough to alienate existing fans, but just enough to show that they have the ambition and drive to test themselves. Once more the song is short (maybe in a few years they'll have morphed into drawn-out, experimental prog...) but has less of a stammer and more of a dark, pounding sound with vocals that are half spoken. Bombers remain edgy and they remain true to their seeming vision to make concise and interesting music, they just know how to do so without stagnating.

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