Sunday 28 July 2013

Her Vanished Grace - Turn It Over

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In 'Star Crossed' New York quartet Her Vanished Grace released one of the best albums of last year, taking inspiration from shoegaze, psychedelia and dreampop. At the moment the band are working on new material which will (we assume) go towards a follow-up, but in order to end this particular chapter of their career they've created this kaleidoscopic video to one of 'Star Crossed's many stand-out tracks, 'Turn It Over'. It was with songs like this that they made our top 20 albums of the year list, so if you like what you hear then backtrack and check out the whole thing, if you haven't done so already of course.

It was surprising to learn that the band had been making music together since the late 1980s, so if anyone tells you that this song sounds a little like some other groups who were doing the rounds then, well so were these guys, so they're not trying to emulate anyone, simply continuing to make breathtakingly stunning songs like this. Laden with guitar effects and a big beat, 'Turn It Over' wanders effortlessly into a deep groove with that bassline and the female vocals couldn't be a better fit for the music. I'm sure we've probably said this before, but had this song, or indeed this album, been released in 1991 they'd both rightly be deemed classics by now. We're already getting excited about the new stuff.

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