Tuesday 30 July 2013

Luk - For You

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

First brought to our attention at the end of last year, Tel Aviv group Luk already had a bit of history to them, as they'd originally formed in 2009 as Dual Ark, a quartet who released a solitary EP. Fast forward a while and the core of the group, Amit Adar and Adiel Luk reformed as Luk and began working on edgy, synth-driven pop songs, although now they've added Daniel Zaga to complete the line up. After posting a few demos online in 2012, this week sees the release of their first proper single, 'For You', a crunching but soulful slice of electro-pop/rock.

Israel's music scene has become known as being both varied and in good health and this single goes another step towards proving that. Vocally the song has a sharp, gritty edge, as though proper passion has been put into the delivery, and it's easy to feel the soul from that alone. Musically 'For You' juxtaposes the craze for '80s pop sounds with a more modern feel. Some of the synth sounds are classic and familiar yet the song sounds very up to date. You'd struggle to convince anyone it was really from that decade. A great start for Luk and another reason to celebrate Israel's wonderful musical diversity.

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